The Dog Gallery

This page is currently under construction and will contain all the information you require in commissioning a dog painting.
Commission Sizes and Prices

Smaller Portraits

These smaller sizes are particularly good for head studies.

8 x 8 inches € 400
10 x 12 inches € 450
12 x 12 inches € 500
14 x 12 inches € 650

Medium Size:

Here I can have the scope to portray the whole body in a landscape setting if required.

16 x 12 inches € 850
16 x 14 inches € 900
16 x 16 inches € 950
18 x 12 inches € 900
18 x 14 inches € 950
18 x 16 inches € 1,150
20 x 16 inches € 1,250
20 x 18 inches € 1,350
20 x 20 inches € 1,400
24 x 18 inches € 1,650

Larger Portraits

Paintings that give a large visual impact and make a statement!

24 x 20 inches € 1,950
24 x 24 inches € 2,200
24 x 30 inches € 3,000
28 x 20 inches € 2,200
28 x 40 inches € 3,550
30 x 40 inches € 4,000
36 x 24 inches € 3.200
36 x 48 inches € 4,400
40 x 40 inches € 4,200

More than One Dog?

If you require two dogs on the same canvas, for the second dog add 15% to the price and for a third dog add a total of 25% to the price of the portrait..

If you are unsure of the size you require, give me an idea of your budget and I will suggest some options to choose from based on compositions possible from the photograph of your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I don’t have any suitable photographs of my dog, can you take them for me?

Yes, I do prefer to see your dog and take my own photographs.

2) Can I have more than one dog in a portrait?

Yes, of course. There is a small extra charge for more than one dog in a portrait (see Dog portrait price guide)

3) I have a few dogs and lots of photographs but none of them altogether.

This is not a problem, I can compose the painting using different photographs of the dogs. I will need some guidance as to relative sizes of the different dogs.

4) Does the painting come framed?

Yes and it is included in the price. All the frames are made in the srtist's studio to a high professional finish and are suited to the painting. Individual requirements can be discussed.

5) Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, on commissioning your painting a 25% deposit is required.

6) How do I pay?

Cheque, bank transfer or Paypal are all acceptable.

7) Is there a cost for shipping?

Deliveries within Ireland are usually free of charge. For European and International customers a quote can be given once the size and destination is known. All works are sent by courier from door to door and the client receives a tracking number when the painting leaves the gallery.

8) How long will a painting take?

Usually two to three months. However if you require the portrait for a particular date (wedding present, birthday present, Christmas gift)please let me know and I will prioritise your painting to ensure it is ready for you on the required date. I have not let anybody down yet !

9) Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes, customised to any value. This is a great idea if you are unable to get photographs easily. The recipient can then arrange a photo-shoot in their own time and to their own taste.